About Us

Meet the team!

Nick Hamilton - CEO

Nick Hamilton is our founder and CEO, who originally faced the terrible issue of smelly shoes while rock climbing and weightlifting. With a large backround in all sorts of sports ranging from soccer to track, Nick is quite an expert with unpleasant odors. Even though Nick is in charge of the overall business, he specializes in accounting and is the mastermind behind the financials of FreshBoost. With a love for the environment, and the world around him, Nick spends his time outdoors doing things he loves with friends. 

Zander Ostrovsky - CDO

When he’s not out exploring nature, Zander designs our website, works on our marketing content, and helps streamline our production process. He brings his love for the outdoors, mountain biking, climbing, and digital media creating to his Fresh Boost of Chief Design Officer position. Always open to a conversation about anything from the latest release from Patagonia to a discussion on how the tides work, Zander loves customer interaction and just talking shop, pun intended!

Sean Madden - CCO

Sean Madden is our Head of Marketing and Customer Relations for FreshBoost. All throughout his life he has lived active, and grown up playing almost every sport imaginable. Now playing primarily golf, the issue of unpleasant odors in his shoes post practice or match have become something that needed to be fixed. Luckily for Sean, being part of the FreshBoost team helped him not only combat these issues, but also promote a great sustainable brand that he himself believes almost anybody can benefit from. With his first-hand experience of the problems Fresh Boost is solving, him and his teammates can help assist and inform their customers about why FreshBoost is the best answer!

What is Fresh Boost?

Nick, our CEO, searched for a way to fix his problems with combatting his unpleasant odors from his athletic shoes and couldn’t find a sustainable solution. He decided to create Fresh Boost; a shoe spray made naturally, sustainably and locally.

Our team consists of Nick Hamilton, Sean Madden, and Zander Ostrovsky. Together we play off of each other’s strengths to bring Fresh Boost to the people, helping everyone stay fresh, active and sustainable.

Fresh Boost offers 3 available scents with lemon, mint, and eucalyptus. Each is packaged in 8 ounce reusable and recyclable bottles with a convenient spray top for quick application.