Mint Deodorizing Spray 8oz

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Are your shoes giving off an odor that would make even a skunk blush? Not to worry, our iconic mint shoe deodorizing spray is here to vanquish those odorous foes once and for all! Say goodbye to bad odors and hello to fresh, minty goodness.

Ingredients: filtered water, distilled white vinegar, mint essential oil

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Made with all-natural ingredients and lovingly crafted by our team of three, our shoe deodorizers are the perfect way to freshen up your gear while also supporting your community and the environment.

Simply apply a little of our powerful and fast-acting spray into whatever you choose and let the magic begin. Our simple blend of essential oils and white vinegar will quickly neutralize even the toughest odors, leaving your shoes smelling fresh and clean, while allowing you to live odor free.

So why settle for harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrances when you can enjoy the power of nature with our locally sourced-shoe deodorizer? Try it today and stay fresh, active, and sustainable!

3 reviews for Mint Deodorizing Spray 8oz

  1. lenny

    this shit fye

  2. Dawson Kosiek


  3. malia

    not only made my shoes smell great but also made me get straight a’s and cured my depression. 100/10 recommend.

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